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The lost and past futures


The lost and past futures


The lost and past futures is a political-poetic reflection on the city of Vienna that takes its starting point in the failed March Revolution of 1848. The film focuses on resistance, memory, and history in relation to current social and political issues. What connections can be made from the failed resistance movements of the past to our present and future? How can we overcome the histories and memories immured in the city itself? This multi-layered essay film takes a deep look into the unconscious of a European capital and its inhabitants.

Length: approx. 90 min
Format: Super 16mm
Ratio: 1:1.85
Language: German




Subobscura Films AT


Writer, Director
Johannes Gierlinger
Georg Tiller
Maéva Ranaivojaona
​Johannes Gierlinger

Supported by

Stadt Wien MA 7
Land Salzburg
Land Steiermark
Otto Mauer Fond