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Behind the locked doors of his apartment, a man faces troubling phenomena, straddling the thin line between fantasy and psychosis. His apartment seems to mutate uncannily as it is incrementally invaded by strange drawings. Painfully, he retches up a creature as black as the ink on the pages… A new union is coming. The creature starts to explore her new surroundings, a place she will eventually make her own…

Length: 15 min
Format: HD Color
Ratio: 16:9

Country / Year

France / 2012


Subobscura Films FR


Xavier Stentz
Cécile Choumiloff


Director, Writer, Producer
Maéva Ranaïvojaona
Blaise Basdevant
Gregory Fourquet

Film Festivals

International Film Festival Rotterdam
Festival MEME PAS PEUR — Festival International du Film Fantastique de La Réunion 
La Samain du Cinema Fantastique, Nice, France 
WORDLESS Int. Film Festival, Sydney, Australia
The International Festival of Fantastic, Terror and Science Fiction Films of Tlalpujahua, Mexico 
Paris Courts Devant, Paris, France 
flEXiff 2013, International Experimental Film Festival, Auburn, Australia 
Snake Alley International Film Festival, Burlington, Iowa, U.S
Plattform Media Festival, International Film Festival, Tübigen, Germany 
CLIP AWARD, International Short Film Festival, Mannheim, Germany
CLUJ International Short Film Festival, Cluj, Romania


Best Experimental Short Film at FEST NEW-DIRECTORS, Int. Film Festival, Espinho, Portugal,
Best Film, WORDLESS Int. Film Festival, Sydney, Australia
Best Sound Design, WORDLESS, Int Film Festival, Sydney, Australia