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Bothnian Sea Continues


Bothnian Sea Continues

A strange event occurred: the theft of a piece left behind a hole (and the possibility to fall into it). Since the remains were never found they seem to have dissolved. The suspects a group commonly-known as the Ancylus Lake Group were never found. A letter signed by the Ancylus Lake Group send to a local newspaper 15 years after the incident included a picture of a hand holding a part of the missing piece.

The order of events

An ice plate of 1.5 diameters is cut out of the Bothnian Sea. It is transported to a public swimming pool. The plate is released into the water. The performer climbs on it. Thus the performer is on an ice island inside a public swimming pool. A hole is left in the sea. The process of melting starts. The plate moves around in the pool as it likes. Spectators are welcome. The performance lasts as long as the ice needs to melt. After the performance is over, a projection of it is displayed at the site of the Bothnian Sea where the plate was cut out. 

Performance by Georg Tiller during the Luleåbiennalen 2004

Length: 16min 30sec
Format: MiniDV
Ratio: 4:3

Country / Year

Sweden / 2004 & 2022


Subobscura Films


Concept & realization
Georg Tiller

Franz Amann


Luleåbiennalen 2004 & 2022